Beagle Dog Puppy Food

As an active dog, the Beagle dog breed requires high-quality dog food which will fulfill their nutrition needed. Every Beagle’s owner should know to feed their dog properly since their dog in the puppy stage. Giving proper feeding and food in the early Beagle dog puppy will be necessary to grow them up healthy. Don’t let your Beagles into an overweight since they can have health problems such as diabetes and strain. Proper feeding and food will also extend their life expectancy as well.

Beagle dog puppy’s feeding can be divided into two meals a day. It is extremely advised to arrange feeding schedule and give 15 to 20 minutes for your puppy to eat, meanwhile leaving food out all the time is not recommended. There will be so many types of dog food that recommended for your Beagle’s puppy. But, they can be divided into two, a commercial/ manufactured dog food or home cooked food. Both of them will certainly give advantages and disadvantages for your puppy. But, just remember feeding a puppy can be varied by 20% depending on their age, health, activity and individual metabolism. You have to give puppy’s food which contains roughly 55 calories per each pound of body weight every day. Most of the manufactured dog food contain of artificial flavor, coloring and additives which cause some allergic reactions for your puppy. Then, it will better to give your Beagle dog puppy a high-end brand that contains the real meat, good quality vegetables, fruits, high protein and no filler as well.

Home cooked food is also recommended for your Beagle’s puppy if you want to get less expensive food. Always take good and best ingredient for your home cooked food. For meat, it should be 25% of the meal, wholesome, fresh and also real meat. You can choose one or combine them whether is lamb, fish, Tuna, Mackerel, breast chicken, lean hamburger, etc. For the vegetables, fresh veggies (raw or steamed), such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and string beans should make up 35% of the meal. And for the energy source, 15% of the meals should be starch (white rice or brown rice). Another important nutrition which will provide vitamins and antioxidants for your Beagle puppy is fruit and extras. Banana, mango, blueberries, orange and others will be great additions in 15% of the meals. It depends on the owner’s choice whether is commercial/ manufactured food or home cooked food for their Beagle puppy. For more information, we recommend as they have a huge amount of informative articles those can be really helpful for you.

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